Super League: The fixtures revealed

With the regular season complete, the Rugby Football League will reveal the schedule for this year’s Super 8s at a launch event at Old Trafford on Wednesday.

Each of the top four sides in all three blocks of eight receive four home games and three away, with the bottom four in each block having the opposite schedule.

Check out the information below to see who your team will take on in the Super League eights.

Hull FC

Taylor Hull FC
HOME: Castleford, Catalans, Wigan, Warrington
AWAY: Wakefield, Widnes, St Helens



Warrington team
HOME: Widnes, Castleford, St Helens, Wigan
AWAY: Wakefield, Catalans, Hull FC


Charnley Wigan
HOME: Wakefield, Widnes, Catalans, St Helens
AWAY: Castleford, Warrington, Hull FC

St Helens

Lomax St Helens

HOME: Hull FC, Wakefield, Castleford, Catalans
AWAY: Widnes, Wigan, Warrington


Carney Catalans
HOME: Warrington, Widnes, Castleford
AWAY: Wakefield, St Helens, Wigan, Hull FC


Dorn Castleford
HOME: Wigan, Wakefield, Widnes
AWAY: Catalans, St Helens, Warrington, Hull FC


Widnes celebration CLEE-H(2)-MH
HOME: St Helens, Hull FC, Wakefield
AWAY: Castleford, Catalans, Wigan, Warrington


Wakefield celebrate
HOME: Catalans, Warrington, Hull FC
AWAY: Widnes, Castleford, St Helens, Wigan