Super League games to double up

Select Super League stadiums will host multi-game events once the season returns.

As part of the competition’s return to play protocols several games will take place at a single venue, with a document sent to clubs last week highlighting the requirements for hosting games.

Clubs that want to host games will be required to demonstrate that social distancing guidelines, testing procedures and biosecurity measures can be adhered to, as well as the necessary facilities to host several games on one day, such as changing rooms.

Leeds, St Helens and Warrington are among the clubs that are understood to have already expressed a desire to use their facilities and others are expected to follow.

When asked if select stadia will be used once the competition returns, Karen Moorhouse, the RFL’s chief regulatory officer, said: “It’s very likely.

“When you talk about behind closed doors, you’re looking at having a limited number of stadiums – it means you can dig down and have a limited number of procedures.

“We’ve started to pull together a spectrum for what venues we would need to deliver what we want, and rather than geographically, it will be what we need to deliver from those venues. We’ll know which venues we’re looking at pretty quickly.”

The matter is due to be discussed further at a Super League fixtures meeting that takes place on Thursday.