Super League keen to develop league structure clarity

Super League officials are set to discuss the framework of the competition during extensive talks this week.

TotalRL understands the competition’s chief executive, Robert Elstone, and the Super League clubs want to end the week with a clear understanding of how the fixture schedule will look once the season resumes.

That includes deciding whether the season will be played in full, the play-off structure, the prospect of a delayed Magic Weekend, the logistical issues surrounding Catalans and Toronto and the end date of the season.

The ability to play the season out in full will depend largely on the government, and when they decide to allow sport to return. Meticulous planning ahead of the season resumption has already taken place, with a number of possibilities drawn up for various return dates. However, there is a hunger to have a clearer picture of exactly how the season will be played out, and discussions this week will ensure there is a definitive plan in place for each of the different potential return dates proposed.

It’s hoped that by finalising plans for the different return dates will allow clubs to plan accordingly once it becomes clear when the action will return.

Also high on the agenda this week is promotion and relegation, although that is a matter the RFL have a say in too. RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer has hinted that he is keen to ensure promotion and relegation remains in place given the spend of clubs in the Championship pushing for promotion, however, there is a desire in certain quarters of Super League to remove relegation due to the financial implications at an already testing time for clubs.