Super League reject a January Grand Final

Super League are now considering just two proposals for their return to action.

The third option, which would have seen the Grand Final take place in January, has been shelved.

The competition’s chief executive, Robert Elstone, informed clubs of the decision on Wednesday.

But no further developments have taken place, with clubs still debating about the best course of action.

Some clubs are growing frustrated at the lack of progress and want a decision to be made, but as it stands, nothing has been decided.

Even though a return date of August has been pencilled in, clubs want confirmation so they can make firm plans. With some fixtures that were postponed before lockdown set to be played in the opening weeks of August, there is growing pressure for a decision to be made so a fixture list can be distributed and clubs can start making plans for training and bringing staff off furlough.

League Express understands there is a slight preference towards Option One, which would see the Grand Final take place on Saturday, November 27th.

Finishing before the end of November saves the inconvenience of negotiating contracts with out-of-contract players, whose deals end on November 30th.

But the downside of the early Grand Final date means fewer games, which could mean less income if crowds are not allowed back in until October.

An official decision on promotion and relegation is also still awaited, though it’s widely agreed that no clubs will be relegated, which has seen clubs start to recruit more actively.