Super League reorganisation not yet agreed

There will be a Super League board meeting this Wednesday at which further discussions will be held about the future structure of Super League and its relationship to the rest of the semi-professional game.

Last week League Express reported that a proposal was on the table for a Super League of ten clubs, with a second tier also of ten clubs.

League Express understands that Sky Sports would support this proposal, but that there is disagreement among the clubs about how that structure should come about.

The original proposal put forward by the RFL was for relegation to be abandoned this season, with two teams to be promoted for a 14-team league next season, when four teams would be relegated to at the end of 2022 to join six other teams from the Championship, when they would effectively form a Super League 2 competition.

But at a meeting of Super League clubs on Friday this proposal failed to find support from all the clubs, with some objecting strongly to a 14-team competition in 2022, while others objected to any proposal to rule out relegation this year.

League Express understands that the Super League clubs will return to this issue on Wednesday.

The clubs are confident that if they do eventually create two leagues of ten, that Sky Sports would be prepared to broadcast matches from both tiers.

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