Super League to buzz for six-again rule

The RFL are looking for a new player representative for their Laws Committee.

Some players have criticised the RFL for not consulting players about the recent rule changes that have been ushered in ahead of Super League’s return.

Sam Tomkins was among those critical of the new rules on social media, saying: “Crazy how rules get changed without asking the players…. the only group of people it affects.”

There was no current player on the recent Laws Committee as the last representative pulled out.

Players were instead represented by GMB head Garreth Carvell, but the RFL now wants a current player to join the committee.

“The player rep that we had dropped off, so we are currently recruiting a new player and we’ve approached a few players about that,” said the RFL’s Dave Rotheram

“We are currently recruiting, but Garreth Carvell represents the players’ union.

“One of the pieces of feedback we got from Garreth was the players didn’t mind the scrums going so long as they got something that replicated the shot clock. That piece of feedback that came back from players was pivotal in our process.”

Tomkins responded to the news saying he would be willing to take on the role of the player representative.

Meanwhile, the RFL has confirmed they will use a similar system to the RFL in communicating a set restart from the six-again rule.

“The NRL hadn’t accounted for any type of alarm and naturally clubs were saying not all players are looking at the referee, so they need to have an awareness of when the ref has wiped the count down, and hence that’s where the bell came in,” head of match officials Steve Ganson said.

“We have our shot clock and a shot clock buzzer. When the referee wipes the tackle count down there will be a short buzz.”

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