Supporter banned by Batley for homophobic abuse

A Batley Bulldogs supporter has been banned from the club after allegedly using homophobic abuse towards the club’s captain Keegan Hirst.

The supporter, named Jordan Coyle, will not be allowed entry to the Fox’s Biscuits Stadium after messages sent to Hirst and his friend, Coronation Street actor Anthony Cotton.

Hirst became the first British player to come out as gay last year and earned worldwide acclaim for his decision.

A club statement said: “Since Keegan publicly confirmed his sexual orientation we have been delighted by the response and support he has been given by everybody at the Club and indeed throughout our sport. This is the first and hopefully the last time we witness such unpleasantness.”

“There is no place in our sport for homophobic abuse or indeed any abuse and we wish to send out a clear message that if you engage in such behaviour we do not want you to attend our stadium.

“We as a club want to continue to welcome EVERYBODY to our home, whether as a player, official or supporter and whether from Batley or anywhere else.

“We want everyone to enjoy being at the Club which clearly means we have to prevent individuals who challenge this approach from making any of our friends feel uncomfortable in any way or offending them.”