Swinton Lions Chairman positive for the future

Swinton Lions chairman Andy Mazey says forward strides both on the field and in the bid to take the club to a new stadium at Agecroft are the key goals for 2019.

In a Christmas address to supporters, Mazey painted a positive picture of the club’s current situation but insisted it cannot afford to rest on its laurels.

Mazey wrote: “I firmly believe we have one of the brightest young coaching talents in the British game and Stuart (Littler) has been relentless in his planning and preparation for 2019, along with his fantastic staff.

“Having carried out a full review of 2018, many lessons have been learned and subsequent improvements made.

“Observing now I see a completely different mentality, attitude and team spirit from the squad as a whole.

“It’s clear Stuart has made major improvements to the culture and I believe he and the staff are creating a truly special environment for a great bunch of players.

“Ultimately for this club, all roads now lead to Agecroft and everything we do is with a view to our long-term goal of returning the Lions to our spiritual home in M27.

“This will never change so long as I’m at the helm and I firmly believe 2019 will see major progress for the project, so it truly is exciting times.”

Mazey also paid tribute to the club’s volunteers, media team, supporters and his fellow board members.

He added: “More hands make light work as they say, but it’s not just hands a professional organisation needs.

“The right calibre of person is required and the people we have in place at this club bodes well for the future.”