“Terrible” off-season can’t be repeated – Greenberg

The National Rugby League’s “terrible” off-season “cannot and will not ever be repeated”, says its chief executive.

Two players have been stood down this week after being accused of domestic violence and sexual assault.

“Every fan has been appalled by the procession of off-field indiscretions,” said Todd Greenberg.

Both Dylan Walker and Jack de Belin have been stood down on the “no-fault stand down” policy.

“I would hope that the sanctions being handed down will remind clubs and players that there are significant consequences for not complying with the standards and rules we set for our game,” said 48-year-old Greenberg.

“We have already put Ben Barba out of the game. The prominent player has had his registration cancelled and his privilege to play in the game withdrawn.”

Barba was deregistered by the NRL after footage emerged of him in an alleged “physical altercation” with his partner” while Canterbury Bulldogs’ new star forward Dylan Napa was fined 10% of his salary y the NRL after videos emerged of him online engaging in lewd activities.

“The videos I have seen are gross, juvenile and disrespectful,” said Greenberg.

“If there was a grading in our system for stupidity this behaviour would be at the very top.”

With the new season beginning in two weeks time, everybody in Australia will be glad to see the back of this off-season and start watching some Rugby League.