The £105,000 Toronto salary cap dispensation proposal

Toronto Wolfpack could receive more than £100,000 in salary cap dispensation after clubs were informed of proposals to increase the club’s allowed salary cap spend by five per cent.

The additional cap spend has been proposed to reflect the increased living costs in Toronto compared to the north of England.

The RFL and Super League chief executive Robert Elstone have supported proposals to relax Toronto’s spending restrictions and have asked clubs for their thoughts.

London Broncos are currently allowed to spend an additional 10% of the salary cap with a London weighting and initial proposals drawn up would have seen Toronto also be given an additional 10%, which would equate to £210,000.

But because Toronto don’t spend the full season in Canada, instead being based for large spells of the season in Manchester, it was decided that a five per cent increase, equal to £105,000, was more appropriate.

However, it’s understood that some clubs are vehemently against the proposal and have informed both the RFL and Elstone that they do not support their suggestion.

When contacted by League Express, the RFL said the proposals would only be finalised if clubs were to agree.

A statement read: “We have had some discussions with Toronto regarding the salary cap and whether it would be appropriate to make any changes to reflect the different circumstances Toronto face as compared to other clubs.

“Any changes could only be made with the approval of the Super League clubs.”

In response, Toronto argue that the cap relief is only the same as what is already in place for London, while claiming it covers other dispensations they are not entitled to relating to homegrown players.

Clubs are currently rewarded £5,000 for each player who has come through their Academy that plays ten or more Super League games in any season, whether it be for their club or not. That dispensation goes up to £100,000. This is officially titled as the ‘Club Trained Dispensation’.

“They’re simply deciding on something that will negate an addition they have to add to us anyway,” said Toronto’s General Manager, Martin Vickers.

“The thing they’re being asked to agree to is in the rules. They’re already applying them to London Broncos. London have 10% on London weighting, which has been in place for several years. What the RFL is saying is that it’s proven the cost of living is the same in Toronto as London and Toronto should be given that benefit for half of the season, hence why it is five per cent. I’d expect them to back it.

“Clubs also get access to homegrown dispensations and we don’t get any of those either.”

Vickers confirmed that if the club were to receive the dispensation, they would use it to bolster their squad with younger players. They have been linked with re-signing Canadian Quinn Ngawati, who played for the club in their first two seasons.

“We have a smaller squad than others and if it is approved it simply means we can acquire a couple of younger players to add to our squad,” added Vickers.