The Garry Schofield Column: My prediction for Huddersfield Giants in 2024

I’M hoping Huddersfield go from boring, boring, boring to excitement all the way – but I’m not holding my breath.

The Giants’ difficulty in attracting decent crowds has been well chronicled, and Ian Watson’s liking for a robotic style, which generally ends with a kick to a corner then an attempt to force a mistake from the opposition, isn’t doing his club any favours.

I don’t want to hear any more talk of “processes” from the coach, and it seems strange that he’s changed tack from his Salford days to such a degree.

It’s not as though Huddersfield don’t have the players to adopt a more adventurous approach – think of Jake Connor, Ash Golding and Kevin Naiqama, for example.

Ken Davy continues to provide financial backing, and it will be interesting to see how NRL imports Adam Clune, Thomas Deakin and Jack Murchie adapt to Super League.

The Giants have also got themselves a good winger in Adam Swift, a really prolific try-scorer for Hull FC. But will they get the best from him?

A couple of things have been noticeable this close-season.

Firstly, Ken has stayed clear of saying it’s the best squad assembled under his lengthy tenure, which he did ahead of last season, when Huddersfield went on to win only eleven out of 27 games and ended up ninth.

And secondly, having previously made bold predictions of turning the Giants into a consistent top-four force, Watto has been far quieter.

He did achieve a final position of third in 2022, but last year’s disappointment means he is under real pressure to produce in his fourth campaign at the helm.

I’m not convinced that will happen, and a poor start could really test Ken’s patience.

Huddersfield Giants – 9th