Third party could help Keighley’s quest against RFL

Keighley Cougars are considering using a third party to help them in their legal battle against the Rugby Football League, as they continue to seek financial compensation for their controversial relegation from the Championship.

Chairman Gary Fawcett believes that the relegation could cost them up to £250,000 in lost revenue, and is still fighting to get some sort of compensation. However, he admitted that should a third party aid the legal proceedings, they would also be entitled to any winnings – and the club cannot afford to use all their money on the legal battle at the expense of recruiting players for a season in League One.

“I have spoken to our legal advisor Richard Cramer and he is speaking to a barrister for another view point on the case with a view to a third party being prepared to fund the litigation,” Fawcett said.

“However, that third party would be entitled to a percentage of any winnings.

“We do have a dilemma in that money is needed to spend on players to help us come back up.”