Thorman reveals half-time dressing down for Huddersfield

Chris Thorman admitted to given Huddersfield a half-time roasting after their 40-28 to defeat Castleford.

The Giants went into the sheds 28-6 behind, but responded to make the scoreline respectable in the second-half.

But Thorman insisted the Giants need to have a better approach and provide better application moving forward if they are the move out of the bottom four.

“I went ballistic at half-time,” he said.

“I said to them that I know they’re capable and I know with the injury there’s plenty of excuses thrown around, but I know the blokes that started and finished can beat teams and do their jobs.

“It shouldn’t take me to lose my rag and get personal with plenty of them to get a response. I asked them why it takes that and they couldn’t answer it. I’ve got a fair assessment of why I need to do that and hopefully I’ll see some improvement in some of that.

“It’s really disappointing that it takes me to lose my rag to give them some energy and enthusiasm for them to go and have a crack. The reason we got back into the game was because of energy and enthusiasm with a little bit of game plan.”

One plus not for the Giants was the performances of young brothers Louis and Innes Senior, with the latter scoring two tries.

“We saw some good execution and I was really happy with Innes finishing his try. He’s probably shown that he’s one of the most capable 17-year olds I’ve ever seen along with his brother on the other wing, who didn’t get as much service.

“Louis followed on with his performance against Leeds, he was composed and had to play against Castleford with a decent kicking game. Innes was a little disappointed with his game against Catalans but I told him that I trust him, I have faith in him and I’m trying to empower the players. They’re here for a reason and that’s because they’re good enough. I was pleased with them.”