Thornton frustrated by waiting game

Hunslet coach Gary Thornton says not yet having a confirmed start date for the 2019 League 1 campaign is a real frustration.

Thornton has his pre-season schedule mapped out but has yet to rubber-stamp his plans because of the uncertainty.

“It’s tricky because this part of the year is all about preparation and being ready for that first match, but we still don’t know when it will be,” he explained.

“We know what we want to achieve in terms if fitness and tactical work, and how many warm-up matches we want to play, but we need to do it all at the right time.

“The Championship is set for an early February start, so those clubs will obviously need to have their friendlies before then.

“But given the reduced number of clubs in our division (now eleven after the withdrawal of Hemel Stags), it’s possible our start could be later.

“That means we could play friendlies then have a period where the only other possible games could be against teams in the same division, which isn’t ideal.”