Three reasons Wigan will win the Grand Final

1. Nobody wants them to win

It’s been a memorable end to the season, and most supporters would love to see it end with Warrington victorious at Old Trafford.

But Wigan are going there to spoil the party, and they will absolutely love that environment.

They have been the party poopers so often, for so long. Warrington fans won’t need reminding about the 2013 Grand Final, and this is a very similar situation.

Wigan are very much the Manchester United of Rugby League, and, regardless of whether people will accept it or not, there is usually an element of jealousy behind the animosity.

Whatever the reason, Wane and co would love nothing more than to send people home unhappy.

2. They don’t know when they are beat

As proved when these two teams met three weeks ago. They were miles behind and down to 12-men, but they still managed to win.

This Wigan team isn’t the most talented to wear the cherry and white, but you’ll struggle to find a group of players with more resilience and character.

Having that sort of bond, that type of unity, is so crucial in games like this.

3. They’ve already overcome several demons this year

They responded well to the heavy defeat to Wakefield, and they avenged their Challenge Cup semi-final defeat to Hull FC by making it to the Grand Final.

That aforementioned resilience has been crucial for Wigan this year, as they’ve had so much to deal with both on and off the field.

They’ve one final demon to silence, and that’s by winning at Old Trafford after two consecutive defeats.