Tigers need mental toughness – Clare

Castleford winger James Clare believes the Tigers need more mental toughness to go the steps further that are needed to win Finals.

Castleford have lost two major Finals since 2014 and lost in the semi-finals to Wigan Warriors in 2018 and Clare admits his side have “crumbled” in the past.

“We need that mental toughness,” said Clare.

“We know we can do it on a nice, dry day when there’s a little less pressure, but in the bigger games we’ve just crumbled a little bit and with a bit more resilience we can hopefully go one better.”

Pre-season is a time for Clare and the Tigers to make those little improvements which will could result in honours.

“At Castleford specifically you have a lot of goal setting you want to do individually and achieve collectively.

“You’ve got to strive to be the best you can possibly be, whether that means just getting a little bit faster or touch up on a piece of skill, they are the sort of things you work on yourself.

“I’ll sit down with Powelly no doubt and have a discussion about what I want to achieve personally.

“Nobody is a perfect player in our sport so there’s a lot of areas to improve on. I can always gain a bit more weight or get a bit faster.”