Tom Lineham recovering after contracting Coronavirus

Warrington Wolves winger Tom Lineham is recovering after contracting the coronavirus.

Speaking on the club’s official Twitter page, Lineham confirmed the news after experiencing all the symptoms.

The former Hull FC man went on to admit he was starting to feel better.

“First of all, I’ve had the virus,” he said before taking part in a Q&A.

“My Mrs is on the frontline, she works at Wigan Hospital, she contracted the virus and brought it home.
For a week I’ve been fighting it off, I’ve felt like I’ve been hit by a bus, I’ve had all the symptoms; fever, boiling hot one minute, freezing cold the next. I had the dogs on my chest and had breathing difficulties, aching head to toe, now I’ve lost all sense of smell and taste.

“I’ve been out of action for a week, I had a pretty good routine before that, but the virus has got me so I’m trying to fight that off and come out the other side.”

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