Tomkins admits Wigan not his only option

New Zealand Warriors fullback Sam Tomkins has admitted that a return to first club Wigan Warriors is not his only option for 2016 – but has insisted he has not given much thought about what his next move will be.

It was announced on Wednesday that Tomkins will be playing for the NRL side this year and then heading back to England, citing homesickness.

And with a move to Wigan inevitably linked, Tomkins has said that while a move to Wigan would “be nice”, he’s not ruling out a move elsewhere.

Asked where he would be playing next, Tomkins said: “I’ve not worked that out just yet. The first thing was to sort it out over here that I could go back.

“Hopefully that’ll be sorted in the not-too-distant future.

“That’s where my brother’s playing and that’s where I’m from, but I’m open to other places. I’m just trying to work out what will be the best option for me,” he said.

“Wigan would be nice but I know it’s not the only team I can go to.”