Tony Clubb expresses delight at Super League return

Tony Clubb admitted news of Super League’s resumption lifted a huge weight off the shoulders of Wigan players.

The Warriors, as well as their Super League rivals, have spent the last three months furloughed and in the dark about Super League’s return.

However, news of the competition’s resumption on August 2nd has lifted the spirits of Clubb and his team-mates, with a return to full training now on the horizon.

“When we got told, it was exciting but more sort of relief to know I can go back and do what I love doing,” he said.

“Now we’ve got a date we can get excited. It’s just a massive relief. We have something to work towards, fans can get excited that they’re going to see their team play even if it’s only on the TV. It’s exciting times, I know it’s not the best of circumstances being behind closed doors but at least you can support and follow your team.”

Despite his happiness at the sport’s return, Clubb has also enjoyed the opportunity to experience family life.

“It’s the first time in 15 years I’ve had time with my wife. I’ve tried to take the positives out of it.

Normally we have a bit of October and November and I’m back in. This has given us some time together.”