Toronto face crucial talks with Elstone

The prospective new ownership group of Toronto Wolfpack will speak with Super League’s Robert Elstone on Tuesday as takeover talks continue.

The Wolfpack has identified a preferred consortium to take the club forward and have started the process of formalising the move with the RFL and Super League.

Toronto will provide Super League with documentation outlining their future plans on Tuesday after the competition outlined the terms and conditions of their re-admission to Super League next year.

Wolfpack Chairman Bob Hunter confirmed to League Express on Sunday that they would have finalised their documentation in time for Tuesday, with the Wolfpack confident they have been able to answer all the questions asked of them by Super League.

On the same day, Hunter will introduce the ownership group to Elstone.

“We have a call on Tuesday with Robert Elstone and we’ll be introducing him on a one-on-one basis to the ownership group,” Hunter told League Express on Sunday afternoon.

“We’re also forwarding all the documentation to Super League required for re-admission. We’re hoping that late next week or the following week, based on guidance from Super League, to have a call with our owner to the other eleven owners and let them speak with that group and hopefully get a read of the integrity of the guy and the stability of the company.

“Then we’ll sit and wait and hopefully get Super League and the RFL to make a decision on us being allowed back into the competition next season.

“The list of criteria was extensive, we’ve been working on it all week and all this weekend between a couple of guys in the UK and two or three here in Canada. We’ve still some work today (Sunday) and we’re fortunate that tomorrow is a holiday for you guys. But there’s nothing there I don’t think we’re able to answer.”

Crucially, while Super League has sought assurances from the Wolfpack, the Wolfpack want some assurances from Super League before the ownership group completes their takeover.

“There are two key elements. One, to get back into Super League and see what the go-forward would be on distribution.

“We have to understand that there could be, as I think there had been in previous cases, a penalty. If there is, we need to understand that, but really it comes down to staying in Super League and getting distribution.

“Once that is completed and the new ownership know what the deal is going forward, it’s a case of formalising the paperwork over here.

“We think we’ve got a squad today that we can rebuild and can be competitive next year. I talk to Brian McDermott every three or four days and he’s got plans for what he’ll do with the squad if we get things over the line.”

Hunter also predicted that the future of the club would be finalised by the end of September.

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