Toronto takeover outcome still uncertain

The takeover of Toronto Wolfpack remains up in the air, as the club looks to finalise a deal with new investors.

Officials were hoping a new buyer would have been secured by the weekend with one consortium showing and increased intention to purchase the club, but a delay has stopped a deal being finalised, and the club’s staff were informed on Friday evening that there was a hold-up in Canada.

There is pressure on the Wolfpack to complete a takeover. Super League has set the club a deadline of August 31st to outline their plans for next season, should they wish to re-enter the competition.

However, League Express can reveal that there is a growing belief among Super League clubs that the competition must include twelve teams next season, which works hugely in Toronto’s favour.

At first, there was a majority in favour of running with an eleven-team competition, with Super League chief executive Robert Elstone being among those to endorse that proposal.

However, as the conversation developed more clubs now favour a full, twelve-team competition, ideally including Toronto.

St Helens owner Eamonn McManus is among those in favour of Toronto’s return, as he outlined in League Express last week.

Toronto’s return, however, is dependent on their completing an ownership takeover and satisfying the conditions of re-entry outlined by Super League, which are thought to relate to financial viability and the club’s long-term prospects.

“We are working very hard and aggressively to see if we can present a new owner in the next week to ten days,” said chairman Bob Hunter earlier this week.

“We are still working officially with three different groups, but one owner is getting closer to the top.

“We have been asked by Super League to make a presentation to them on that, along with a full set of financial supporting documents, by the end of this month, and we are still focused on that target date.

“Both the RFL and Super League administration have to approve the new owner. If we can get over that hurdle, then the Super League club owners have to support our coming back into Super League next year.

“I think we can meet the deadline.”

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