Toronto players receive food hampers

Food hampers are being delivered to the Toronto Wolfpack squad from their Super League counterparts to ensure they are fed while they continue to be unpaid.

In an extraordinary gesture, all the other Super League clubs are chipping in to ensure the Wolfpack players aren’t going short as they approach three months without pay.

St Helens were the first club to deliver goods to the Wolfpack late last week, with the other clubs set to follow this week.

A huge supply of food was sent to the club, with the players in most desperate need told not to hesitate accessing the food.

The news reinforces the grim reality of the Wolfpack players’ situation, with some players thought to be facing the prospect of going short.

Players were told in a meeting with the GMB earlier this week not to be too proud and take the help being shown by their peers.

There is still no sign of players being paid, despite the club’s owner David Argyle’s promise that their contracts would be honoured for the rest of the year.

Greg Worthington (pictured), the Wolfpack centre, told last week that he didn’t expect to ever see the money he was owed.

“I have zero confidence I’ll get any of the wages I’m owed,” he said.

“I can’t speak for the rest of the team, but my personal view is that I’ve no confidence I will get paid, so I’ve gone out and got work to make sure my household is financially secure.

“We’ve been given multiple dates on multiple occasions by David Argyle as to when we would get paid and I’ve been let down every time.”

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