Toronto prop Ryan Bailey successful in case against UK Anti-Doping

Toronto Wolfpack have revealed that prop Ryan Bailey has won a case against UK Anti-Doping, and is now cleared to play with immediate effect.

The hearing related to an alleged Anti-Doping Rule Violation, by reason of refusal to submit a sample collection on Tuesday 30th May 2017. However, Toronto and their legal team managed to successfully argue that due to a number of truly exceptional circumstances in the case, Bailey bore ‘no fault or negligence’ in failing to submit a sample.

The Chairman of the Tribunal stated in the judgment that: “Having heard Mr Bailey give evidence we do not for one moment think that he is a cheat or was trying to cover up drug taking. Indeed, we note that a few days later Mr Bailey did in fact undergo a drug test (which was negative) without any problem.”

Toronto Wolfpack Director of Rugby Brian Noble stated: “The correct verdict has been returned. On behalf of the Wolfpack I’d like to thank the Tribunal for their professionalism and time in dealing with this complex case.”

“As an organization we have a duty of care to Ryan both as a player and as an employee. It was important to support Ryan through this difficult personal process, and help him emerge with what we believe is a fair outcome.”

Noble continued: “This has been a very challenging period for Ryan and I commend his fortitude in dealing with this matter whilst maintaining his professional focus for the Wolfpack. Ryan is an extremely valued member of our playing group and we are really excited about him being a major part of the squad in 2018.

“I would also like to pay tribute to Ryan’s legal team. Our UK legal partners, Brandsmiths, dealt with this case with sensitivity and great professionalism.”