Toronto set sights on Super League and a European tour

Copenhagen and Dublin are among venues that could host Super League fixtures next year with Toronto planning to take their home fixtures across Europe should they reach Super League.

Wolfpack owner David Argyle, speaking to the British press for the first time, confirmed the club is in discussions with “several” major European cities about the prospect of hosting Toronto at the start of the 2019 season.

The Canadian city is affected by severe weather in the early months of the year. Sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow are regular occurrences in Toronto, making it unfeasible for the Wolfpack to host games at the Lamport Stadium during the early stages of the campaign.

But Argyle has revealed the Wolfpack will use their early fixtures as an opportunity to take games overseas, with talks set to continue should they earn promotion in Sunday’s Million Pound Game against London Broncos.

“The weather constraints at the start of the season mean we’ll have home games that are played away,” Argyle confirmed.

“We’ve had discussions. It’s very early. We don’t know whether we’ll be in Super League or not. Assuming the Rugby League gods are looking down on us and we are in Super League it would be great to have a game played in say Dublin or Copenhagen.

“We’ve had discussions with half a dozen cities all very interested to host the Wolfpack. With a Super League team, I think the local UK ex-pat communities in those cities would really get behind it, I think the travelling fans would support it and our fans certainly would come and see it.

“Imagine if you were playing a game in Copenhagen as an example, how exciting would that be and enjoying everything that city has to offer?

“Rugby is a way of life as we all know, this would keep it interesting and people could plan their early season around it, take their families to a city they’ve never seen before and do so by being able to follow their team.”