Touch Rugby League: A fun, fast way to get fit and burn calories

The RFL’s new initiative Play Touch Rugby League, a fast-paced, minimal-contact version of the game, is now available to play in over 50 venues across the country.

And today, they have launched a new campaign video to inspire players of all ages, sizes and abilities to take part.

As anyone who has played touch rugby before will tell you (including myself!), there are few more effective and enjoyable ways to burn calories and get fit.

In the RFL’s words: “Play Touch Rugby League is a great alternative to the gym – participants can have fun getting fit whilst enjoying the excitement and camaraderie of the traditional game but without high impact tackling.


“The sport provides a superb all-body workout in only 40 minutes, with players covering over three kilometres and working at 80 per cent of their maximal heart rate throughout the game.”

Mark Bitcon, England Rugby League National Team Performance Manager and Director of Performance at Wigan Warriors said: “It’s an extremely beneficial way of improving and maintaining your fitness. You can cover close to two miles in a game whilst having fun in a friendly, social environment.

“Many professional sports teams use activities like Touch Rugby League in their pre-season and season workouts as a way of keeping fit and helping to condition their bodies. Minimal contact appeals to many players that have never played before or have left due to injury.”

It goes without saying that any Rugby League fans looking to improve their fitness should be giving this a go. To find out more, visit