Toulouse Olympique reportedly close to bankruptcy

TOULOUSE OLYMPIQUE are reportedly close to bankruptcy, a report from La Depeche has revealed.

The French publication has claimed that Toulouse, on the back of relegation from Super League at the end of the 2022 season, is on the verge of going under.

That being said, La Depeche has revealed that the local authorities are set to save the ailing club, despite Toulouse still in with a good shot of promotion from the Championship.

Previously, chief executive Cedric Garcia had told League Express: “I think from what I saw in the financial reports from all club, they are all losing money but relegation was tough and we lost money last year like all clubs.

“Equity increased with shareholders and we are settling the situation. It is becoming more normal now, but that is nothing new there in rugby league unfortunately.”

Where Toulouse go from here remains to be seen but promotion to Super League would undoubtedly alleviate some of those financial concerns also.

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