Trinity star backs Wolfpack relegation exemption

Wakefield Trinity star George King believes Toronto Wolfpack should be given an exemption from relegation.

The Wakefield Trinity forward, a self-confessed expansionist, believes the Wolfpack need to be given time to adjust to Super League before the sport sees the full benefit of their existence.

“I’m a bit of an expansionist and I love the fact that Toronto are in,” King told League Express.

“Catalans got a three-year extension and look at them now. It’s a broader community more than just being a club. It allowed them to build and I think we should be doing something similar with Toronto, regardless of everything that is going on now.

“Catalans put Super League in a bigger spotlight and if you did the same with Toronto, you’re then spreading that spotlight around the world. With Ottawa joining, you’d have two Canadian teams and maybe New York too. I think that would be great.

“If they could go down that route, with no relegation and pull it to a 13 or 14 team competition next year, it creates more integrity for Super League as far as I’m concerned, because you can get rid of loop fixtures and play everyone home and away.”

The Wolfpack come in for heavy criticism from some sections of Rugby League, but King believes that the critics should try to see the bigger picture.

“I’d say that probably the majority of fans are pro-expansion,” he said.

“But I think the diehards can’t see outside the bubble of their own club. Ten out of the twelve Super League clubs are on that M62 corridor and people can’t see out of that because it’s been that way for 125 years.

“But with the world as it is now, with social media and all the other advancements, people travel around the world and see the different environments. Rugby League should embrace that.

“I’m really in favour of growing the game, and I think if you gave Toronto an exemption so they could build on what they’ve done so far, imagine what could come of that.”