TWITTER REACTS: Josh Jones’ controversial penalty call against Huddersfield

Earlier this week, one of our team wrote a column (Seen it yet? If not, it’s here) detailing how the one rule he’d like to see changed this season is the highly-controversial incident which sees dummy-halves throw the ball at a defender to try and gain a penalty.

More often than not, it works too – as we saw on Thursday night. However, Josh Jones’ incident when he threw the ball at Danny Brough forwards only to get a penalty from James Child sent Twitter into meltdown somewhat. Here’s how the social media community reacted!

First of all, here’s the incident itself:

Bradford captain Leon Pryce wasn’t impressed:

Nor were some other rugby league fans and players:

Or our own Aaron Bower, who wrote said column earlier in the week:

But even Ian Watson had to admit afterwards that he wasn’t a fan, according to another of our team, Gareth Walker..