Two referee system to be trialled further in 2015

Super League fixtures could see the two-referee system implemented on occasions next year, after the RFL revealed they will be trialling it in some Super League fixtures next year.

The RFL is continuing to appraise the benefits and issues surrounding the adoption of a two-referee system in Super League fixtures, but has ruled out the move before 2016.

The two-referee model was trialled in a number of Academy fixtures earlier this season and the feedback from that experiment, together with all implications for Super League and the wider sport, are still being assessed.  Further trials will take place in 2015 when a full report on the system, including associated costs, will be presented to the RFL Board for consideration.

Ralph Rimmer said: “The two-referee system clearly has its merits but there is still some work to do, including trials in Super League fixtures next season.

“With so many other changes taking place next season, the Board believe that it would not be appropriate to operate a two-referee system in 2015 but we remain committed to exploring the option for 2016.”