Valencia consortium frustrated with RFL

The team looking to enter a side into League 1 from Spanish city Valencia as early as next season are growing increasingly frustrated with a lack of dialogue from the Rugby Football League.

Valencia Huracanes have already made significant waves in recent weeks, after hosting a successful pre-season friendly with Featherstone Rovers in Spain.

That was supposed to be part of a double-header with St Helens and Salford. That game never materialised, but Huracanes officials were still encouraged by how the game with Featherstone was received.

However, League Express has now learned that Huracanes officials are still waiting to hear back from the governing body about a participation agreement which would take them a step closer to entering the RFL structure in 2021.

It is understood that the club asked for details of an agreement several months ago, but have not yet been able to get any concrete answers from the governing body, making them less optimistic they will be given the go-ahead.

In a bid to build on the game against Featherstone, Valencia are also hoping to take advantage of the current League 1 structure and play more games in 2020.

League Express understands that with every team in League 1 experiencing a bye week at some stage, Valencia want to host a number of third-tier sides in Spain throughout the course of this season.

They hope it will give them more and more exposure as they press forward their claim to be admitted into the competition next year.