Varsity Match looms nearer!

OXFORD and Cambridge are due to try again tomorrow (Friday 10 March) following last week’s postponement of the 38th Varsity Match.

The game, which is being sponsored for the first time by the RCMA Group, is being played at the Honourable Artillery Company, in the heart of the City of London, with a 3.00pm kick-off.

Cambridge, who are captained by Sam Parker, of Sydney Sussex College, comprise: Parker, Gerard Lyons III (both Sidney Sussex), Craig Winfield (Selwyn),  Matt Brady (Darwin), Ollie Gnodde (St Edmund’s),  Caspar Ramsay (Jesus), Richard Bowen (Churchill), Will Birch (Robinson), Caleb Darwin, Sam Pressling, Henry Biddlecombe, Hilary Foord (all Trinity), Tom Wilson (Girton), Miles Huppatz (Downing), George Griffiths (St John’s), Matyas Molnar (Fitzwilliam), Thomas Bewes (Emmanuel).

Oxford, who have named Will Henshall as skipper, have lost Josh Blackaby (Balliol) through injury. Matt Wilson (Worcester) comes into the squad, which also includes Henshall, Conor Williets, Alex Pentecost, Harry Martin  (all Wadham), Louis Claxton (St John’s), Maciek Peplinski (Hertford), Will Taverner (Brasenose), John Wylde (Pembroke), Mark Roper (New), Nick Dodds (St Anne’s), Sven Kerneis, Angus McCance (St Peter’s), Phil Maffettone (Corpus Christi), Marco Hiscox, Jordan Ayling (Magdalen), Mark Giza (Queen’s), Reilly Knight (University).