VIDEO: Brilliant haka in Junior Kiwis v Junior Kangaroos

Although English eyes will be firmly on the opening game of the Four Nations at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium this Saturday, there is the small matter of an Australia v New Zealand clash to whet the appetite for afters.

Tensions will surely be high as the two best teams in the world do battle in front of thousands of watching spectators, with New Zealand’s traditional haka one of the finest scene-setters in professional sport.

And if the Kiwis’ haka is anything like the one their junior counterparts displayed last weekend, the atmosphere inside Suncorp will definitely jump up a notch or two. The Junior Kiwis were facing off against the Junior Kangaroos – with the Australians deciding to stand eyeball-to-eyeball with their New Zealand opponents whilst they were performing the haka.

This fantastic video below captures all the action, with a few tense moments following the haka. Eventually the game restarted, and the Kiwis won it in dramatic fashion, edging the contest 15-14.