VIDEO | Ryan Atkins on Steve Price and his “intense” training

Warrington star Ryan Atkins has given insight into life at the Wolves under new head coach Steve Price.

The Australian has replaced Tony Smith and introduced some new rigorous training techniques that are keeping the Warrington squad on its toes.

Atkins, who is entering his ninth season at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, admitted that Price knew how to ‘crack the whip,’ before recalling experiences from their gruelling army camp just before Christmas.

“The worst part was when they gave us a bag of boiled rice and a sack of gold chocolate coins,” Atkins said.

“They said that’s all we’d have for the next 14 to 16 hours, but by the way you can’t eat the chocolate coins.

“We had this boiled rice, and bearing in mind we were doing all these exercises, we did the Three Peaks, and that’s all we had. It was atrocious.

“It’s something I’ve never done before, it’s something I’d never want to do again, but for Steve he got out of it what he wanted to get out of it. He wanted to see how tough we were mentally and physically.”

Watch the full video above.