Radford apologises after Hull FC capitulation

Hull FC head coach Lee Radford admitted defeat to Widnes was the most difficult to take so far as they were trounced by the league leaders.

Following narrow defeats to Castleford and Wigan, the Airlie Birds were comprehensively thumped by the Super League high-fliers, losing 46-6.

The manner of the performance was so disappointing that the Hull players requested Lee Radford leave the room so they could discuss the display in private.

During that time, Radford gave his own damning verdict on what he had seen.

“Words don’t put it into words if I’m being honest,” said Radford. “We simply capitulated and it’s my responsibility as a coach.

“I can only apologise to our supporters who came all this way and sang all the way through. It’s also my job to try fix it up and that’s what I’ll try to do.

“As a rugby player you’re told to compete and that stopped being a competition after 20 minutes.

“It’s the most difficult defeat to take for sure (during his tenure). To have no fightback was embarrassing and the staff have just been kicked out of the changing room by the players.

“I’ve no idea why they asked us to leave, they just asked us to – it’s never happened in my career before.”

The end result was impossible to predict during the opening quarter, with Frank Pritchard scoring his first try to give them the lead. However, three disallowed tries resulted in the team collapsing and ending the match on the wrong side of the result.

Radford added: “There’s never a good time in the season to witness that kind of defeat. We had a couple of opportunities the same as last week but we didn’t take them and we certainly didn’t defend them.”