Vimto drought hits Burgess hard

If you have a moment, please spare a thought for poor old Joe Burgess.

In what must be one of the most extreme living nightmares we have ever heard of, Burgess has learnt the hard way when it comes to doing your research before you migrate to the other side of the world.

For upon arrival Down Under, the winger has come across a shocking flaw to life in Australia – they don’t sell Vimto.

That’s right, the popular fizzy drink is apparently not available in stores across Sydney, a life-changing fact that has seemingly left Burgess devastated.

In fact, he was feeling so much anguish about his Vimto-less life that he felt the need to share his pain with his 11,000 Twitter followers.

We genuinely feel for Joe in these difficult moments because without Vimto, what else could Australia possibly have that England doesn’t?

Burgess is of course a new signing at NRL giants Sydney Roosters after leaving Wigan at the end of last season.

But in a move to get Burgess back to Super League, Shaun Wane might be willing to offer him a lifetime supply of Vimto to secure an instant return to Super League.

If that were to be the case, Burgess will have landed on his feet!