Wane dedicates emotional victory to Sarginson’s brother

Shaun Wane dedicated Wigan’s victory to Dan Sarginson’s family after the sad passing of his younger brother, Adam.

Sarginson decided to play in the match and put in a strong performance as the Warriors defeated Wakefield 25-10.

It rounded off an emotionally-charged week for Wane’s men, after the euphoria of defeating St Helens before the mourning of Adam’s passing.

Afterwards, Wane said: “It’s been hard. It was hard for me so I knew it’d be hard for the players with everything that’s happened this week. It wasn’t St Helens with a buzzing crowd, it was flat today and the fans will feel the same. So, we’re just happy to get the win, we’re four and none in the play-offs and everything considered, I’m happy.”

On Dan Sarginson: “It was an absolutely huge effort for Dan to get out there tonight, I’ve spoken with him all week and he didn’t have any consideration for himself, he just wanted to do what he felt was right for his team and you could tell with the way the players behaved around him before and after the game today, that it’s been tough for everybody, especially Dan and his family.

“We dedicated that win to them, we sang the song on his behalf. We thought about leaving the song at the end but we did it for Adam and Sarge appreciated that.”