Wane defends Chase

Shaun Wane does not believe Rangi Chase meant to cause any offence following a social media post.

Chase posted a video on Instagram of him tackling Wigan winger Dom Manfredi, which resulted in Manfredi picking up a serious injury. The post resulted in a number of people criticising him, including Wigan winger Joe Burgess and Manfredi himself.

Chase removed the post and apologised to anyone who was offended by it, insisting that he would never take pleasure from injuring an opponent.

When asked about the incident, the Wigan head coach stated that he didn’t believe there was anything untoward in Chase’s actions.

“Rangi Chase is a nice fella,” Wane said.

“There’s no malice in him and what he’s said. What he did might have been misjudged, but I don’t think anything was meant by Rangi. I know him to speak to and I trust Rangi, he’s a good guy, I don’t see there being a problem.”