Wane desperate to avoid another Grand Final loss

Wigan Warriors coach Shaun Wane says it would mean “everything” to secure a second Grand Final win in three years – and avoid the heartbreak of another loss at Old Trafford for the second year in a row.

After beating Warrington during Wane’s first year in charge two years ago, the Warriors lost to St Helens in last year’s Grand Final to lose their grip on the trophy.

But ahead of Saturday’s clash against Leeds, Wane says he’ll be doing everything to ensure they’re the ones celebrating come Saturday night.

“It would mean absolutely everything, everything,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’m obsessed with my work and I do not want to have three months of sulking and being in a bad mood having lost this game because that’s what will happen.

“That’s why I work hard and long hours, I want to make sure that when we drive on that coach from our hotel to Old Trafford, my team is prepared, they know what they need to do to win the game and it is just about attitude and desire on the day.”