Wane promises Wigan will finish strong despite frustrating night against Warrington

Wigan coach Shaun Wane has promised his side will finish the season strongly despite a disappointing setback against Warrington on Thursday night.

The reigning Super League champions lost 16-10 to the Wolves on Thursday evening and could now finish the weekend six points adrift of the top four with eight games remaining.

“One hundred per cent Warrington deserved to win. They had too much enthusiasm for us which is something you can’t practice,” he said.

“They had better line speed and ran harder. No flashy plays beat us.”

Wane also admitted it was frustrating to not deliver a win for captain Sean O’Loughlin on his 400th appearance for the club.

“It was a massive game, the 400th for Lockers, and we had loads of reasons to win the game but I didn’t see the desperation,” Wane said.

“We owed him a victory and we didn’t get it. That’s why I feel bad and really angry. I’m really disappointed and they know that.

“But we’ll be in very early tomorrow and you’ll see a different attitude against Leeds next week. We’ll be okay, we’ll finish the season strongly, no question about that, I know people don’t want us to.”