Ward suffers gruelling low blow during post-match interview

All males will tell you, there is absolutely nothing worse than a blow below the belt.

So spare a thought for London head coach Danny Ward, who was on the receiving end of an excruciatingly painful shot to the groin area… from none other than former team-mate and coaching counterpart Matt Diskin.

Ward was speaking after the Broncos’ victory over Diskin’s Batley, completely unaware of his sinister intentions.

Then, when he was midway through answering a question, Diskin came from out of nowhere and landed the blow, much to Ward’s horror.

Despite trying to soldier on, Ward, who impressively did not swear, needed a short time to compose himself before continuing on.

But he still found it within him to find the funny side of things as he joked: “He’s got to get a two-match ban for that, surely?”

London are fifth in the Championship, a point off the top four with pivotal games against Toulouse, Halifax and Featherstone coming up.