A warm welcome to Super League sponsors First Utility

Martyn Sadler
Martyn Sadler

So who are First Utility, the new sponsor of Super League?

They have signed a contract to sponsor our leading competition for the next three years, so I imagine we will be getting to know them quite well between now and the end of 2016.

For those who don’t know, First Utility is the largest independent energy supplier with more than 190,000 customers.

It was founded in 2008. As well as energy, the company supplies phone and broadband services to consumers and business customers.

In a recent survey carried out by Which? magazine, it gained a customer satisfaction score of 58%, which puts it ahead of most of its larger and better known rivals.

And when judging First Utility it is perhaps useful to have a look at the company’s annual accounts.

Over the last five years, for its financial year ending 31 December, the company’s turnover was as follows:

2008 £3,042,541
2009 £13,307,183
2010 £57,719,506
2011 £74,021,987
2012 £144,957,441

That’s a remarkable rate of growth, particularly during years of recession, and it suggests that First Utility is a dynamic company, to say the least.

So if growth is the main criterion, they don’t look a bad company to be associated with.

I would be happy to see Rugby League enjoy a fraction of the growth that its new sponsor is currently enjoying.