Warrington may ditch Sunday games, Smith admits

Warrington Wolves coach Tony Smith admits that the club may not be able to afford to play games on Sundays anymore due to short turnarounds.

The Wolves face Wigan tonight after a game against Leigh Centurions last Saturday, whilst the Warriors have had two weeks off due to their early exit from the cup.

And Smith believes that although they will consult their supporters thoroughly on days of games, if they want to compete at the very top, Sundays may have to fall by the wayside.

“We won’t be able to afford to play Sunday games any more,” he said.

“Well, we’ll have to consider what our speccies feel about that, but if they want a winning team you can’t play Sundays because if you draw the TV game on a Thursday or Friday you disadvantage yourself.

“All the big clubs play their home games on Fridays – you’ve got to join them otherwise you’re going to make it hard for your own team.

“Certainly we’re listening to our speccies on what they want, but they’ve also got to consider whether they want a winning team and a team that can compete.”