Warrington did a number on us, says St Helens boss

St Helens head coach Nathan Brown has admitted that rivals Warrington “did a number” on them on Thursday night, saying several of his players saved their worst games of the season for the clash.

The Saints are still in pole position for the League Leaders Shield despite that 39-12 defeat – but threw away the chance to win the trophy in front of their own fans with a terrible display live on Sky Sports. And Brown pulled no punches after the game, admitting the side were well below par – saying his team simply weren’t on their game throughout the contest.

“We had a number of players below their best, unfortunately, and collectively a number of players who would say they had their worst games of the season,” Brown said.

“We’re in a state at the moment where we cannot afford to carry people and there has to be all hands on deck. Warrington did a number on us through their sheer weight of possession.

“We had five or six play one errors from the back three and when you do that you cannot do well in the contest. We took dummies several times too and when that happens it shows we aren’t on your game.”