Warrington Wolves’ new signing Brad Dwyer planning for post-rugby league life with booming property portfolio

IN the grand scheme of things, being a rugby league player isn’t the longest career someone can take to.

Retirement by the mid-30s is often the end point with another 30 years of post-playing to contend with and find another career to turn to.

For Warrington Wolves’ new signing Brad Dwyer, a property portfolio is something which he has been slowly building towards in recent years.

And, that has eased the pressure on the hooker on the field.

“It’s a good focus, it takes a bit of pressure off the rugby knowing I’ve got a few things set up away from rugby. Turning 30, it’s nice to take the pressure off, have a dig and make the most of the couple of years I’ve probably got left in rugby without any pressure,” Dwyer told League Express.

“It’s good, it’s nice to have a focus away from the game but the biggest thing for me is it takes the pressure off and I can enjoy my rugby – that’s when I play my best stuff.

“The plan is to carry on with that. I don’t know really, I enjoy coaching so I might get into some coaching, but that’s one of the main reasons I got into property due to the uncertainty of what I wanted to do post-rugby.”

Dwyer also details how property will help him find something that he is passionate about when he does hang up his boots.

“I’ve lived my dream being a rugby player, I got to where I wanted to and then to go and do something I’m not passionate about would probably be difficult.

“But I don’t know what else I would be passionate about so property gives me the freedom to go out and find out what I want to do next.”

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