WATCH: North Wales Crusaders score incredible try against Newcastle

Is this a serious early contender for try of the season? We think it could well be.

It comes from North Wales Crusaders’ trip to Newcastle last weekend, when they defeated Thunder to move into the semi-finals of the League 1 Cup, just one win away from the final at Blackpool.

And with tries like this, the Summer Bash would get a great start to the weekend if the Crusaders brought their flamboyant play to the event!

It was Crusaders’ Jack Houghton who scored the try; which practically began on their own try-line. The Welsh side instinctively shifted the ball left before passing through a number of sets of hands, eventually seeing Houghton finish off a brilliant move.

Is it try of the season so far? Got any better ones? Watch the video below and see for yourself.