Watkins says Bennett-Meninga rivalry is good for rugby league

England centre Kallum Watkins believes the ongoing rivalry between his coach Wayne Bennett and Australian counterpart Mal Meninga is good to see – not least because it’s an interesting subplot to this year’s Four Nations.

Meninga kickstarted the debate when the Kangaroos arrived in the country for the tournament, stating that Bennett wanted his job as Australia coach.

So far, Bennett has refused to respond to any talk from the Australia camp – despite a number of players weighing in too – and Watkins says it is entertaining, if nothing else.

“It’s probably because he’s coaching the Poms,” Watkins said at England’s pre-match press conference.

“They’re having a bit of a dig at him but that’s how it is, isn’t it? A bit of fire, a bit of entertainment.

“That’s what we need in our sport. It’s interesting so it’s good.”