Webster: Wildcats could dip into loan market

Wakefield boss James Webster has said it is unlikely the club will make any more permanent signings ahead of the forthcoming season – but they may dip into the loan market if required.

The Wildcats used the loan market to good effect in 2014, bringing in the likes of Jimmy Keinhorst and Lee Gilmour on temporary deals to help avoid relegation with ease.

And, speaking to League Express last week, Webster insisted the club may well use the loan market as and when injuries strike.

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“I’m pretty sure we’re done when it comes to full-time signings, but we’ll have to go into the loan market if we get injuries,” Webster said.

“Realistically, our last couple of permanent signings have been done and I don’t think there are too many left out there.

“At some stage we’ll have to look at the loans, because our backs are a little thin, for example. Should we get some injuries in the backs, that’s when we’ll look to dip in. It’ll be loss of form or injuries that forces our hand.”

Webster also confirmed that all his squad will be fit for their season opener at Castleford on 8 February – as well as revealing forward Dan Smith underwent a ‘small’ operation on his heart in the off-season.

“Everyone who had an operation will be fit to play in the first game of the season. Matt Ryan had an operation on his shoulder, so he’s a little bit limited in what he can do, and Danny Kirmond is yet to start running because of his knee op.

“Believe it or not, Dan Smith has had an operation on his heart, but it’s only a small thing, he’s had it before. He obviously couldn’t do any training until recently, but he’s working hard. Everyone should be fit to play in round one.”

The Wildcats recently completed the signing of Hull FC half-back Jacob Miller, and Webster believes that Tim Smith’s presence means there will not be the same pressure on Miller as there was at the KC Stadium.

“He’s a typical Wakefield player; the majority of people come here to prove they’re able to cut it in Super League – there are probably at least ten players who’ve done that in the last few years,” Webster said.

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“There are guys like Kyle Amor, Paul Aiton and Ben Cockayne who’ve done it, and Jacob has something on his side that he’s younger than those guys.

“We’re not asking him to do the same things he was doing at Hull FC; he’s not going to have the pressure on him that he did at Hull.”

Webster also confirmed that the Wildcats will take part in two pre-season camps as they gear up for 2015, including one on the same training complex used by football side Cardiff City.