Weekend ‘try’ shows need for video referees at every Super League game

THERE is an increasing argument for a video referee at every Super League game ahead of the new 2023 season.

Of course, the cost will be something to take into consideration and that may well be the reason as to why a video referee might not be introduced at every top flight game any time soon.

However, having video referral will allow for tries such as the one scored at the weekend in Wakefield Trinity’s home game against Hull FC to be chalked off.

Adam Swift was on fire for the Black and Whites – and so was the entire left side for Hull – but his first try shouldn’t have stood as evidenced by the photo below.

He had caught a pinpoint Jake Clifford kick to the corner and leapt for the try-line with referee Jack Smith awarding the four-pointer.

From the press bench, it looked like a spectacular effort – something which rugby league players have become famous for in recent years.

However, a photo captured by renowned snapper Mark Cosgrove shows Swift’s foot clearly in touch before the ball was grounded.

Although only a split-second for the touch judge and Smith to see, it wasn’t a try.

Adam Swift #2 of Hull FC goes over for a try during the Rugby League Pre Season match Wakefield Trinity vs Hull FC at The Be Well Support Stadium, Wakefield, United Kingdom, 5th February 2023
(Photo by Mark Cosgrove/News Images)

Of course, the four-pointer had no effect on the end result and it was only a friendly, but the argument for a video referee at every game will certainly get stronger with events like this.