Welham explains bizarre 24-hour Keighley spell

Liam Welham explained the confusion behind his 24-hour spell as a Keighley Cougars player, which was described as a ‘misunderstanding’ by the club.

The 30-year-old had left Doncaster last month to join Craig Lingard’s side, and link up with brother Matty, but he was forced to turn his back on the move just a day after officially signing, due to a miscommunication over the terms of his contract.

A deal had been discussed verbally, Welham said, but the formal offer the club then made was much lower than the initial talks.

Despite the unwanted confusion over the manner of his premature departure, the former Featherstone and Hunslet centre has no ill-feeling towards the Cougars.

“Craig contacted me and said there was an opportunity waiting for me, if I wanted it. So I went down training for the week and enjoyed it, and he put me through to the backroom staff.

“After a couple of conversations with them we agreed certain terms and I was scheduled in for the game against Bradford.  I went to training, and I approached Craig and said we needed to sort of my contract. He thought I had already signed it but I had only signed a form to be de-registered by Doncaster, I never saw any figures.

“I said I wanted it in writing so there could be no misunderstanding, and they then gave me figures that wouldn’t even cover my fuel costs.

“It was a low blow for me. I’d known I wouldn’t be earning what I was on at Doncaster, because financially the Cougars have been through what they’ve been through, but the money has to be worth my time.

“They played hardball with me a little bit then, and said `this is what the kids get paid’, but I’m not a young kid with no experience. I could have offered some of the guidance. So having officially signed on the Tuesday, by the Wednesday I was signed off again.

“We didn’t leave on bad terms. My brother is enjoying it there. It wasn’t Craig’s issue; I have no negative feelings towards anyone involved.”