We’re small, but we’re top four insists Oliver Holmes

Castleford Tigers forward, Oliver Holmes admits the Tigers are a “small club” compared to the elite of Super League, but believes that on the field they are very much a top-four team.

Should the result go their way, by the end of this weekend the Tigers could be in the top four again, and in-form Holmes says the squad this year is more than good enough to challenge again, after an incredible season last year.

“Yes, we are a small club,” he admits.  “We’re not like a St Helens or Wigan where they have excellent facilities and things like that.

“But our fan-base is strong.

“Not as big as Wigan and Saints – fans may look at it that way; that perhaps we should be a bit lower down the table than we are but I don’t think that’s the case with us.

“We know we are a top-four team.

“We can look at the players around us and know that we should be in that top four.

“That’s the way it has been for the past two years – and we want that to carry on.”